Old Fashioned

My attempt at being classy tonight. Still trying to acquire a taste for whisky. Rum's usually my thing.

Much like "growing up", in a way. Whether ditching soda for coffee, cane sugar-based rum for grain-based whisky, or peanut butter and jelly for tuna salad, growing up usually means less sugar.

It sucks. Luckily even Old Fashioneds have a spoonful of sugar in them.

Back in Black

Today's marvellous photo is a bathroom selfie. No apologies.

Black pants, black belt, black long-sleeved button-down shirt, black tie, black shoes, black socks, and a long black apron.
No, I wasn't the guest of honor at a funeral, it's my server uniform.

When I first heard the uniform requirements for this serving job I thought they were a bit much, but after putting everything on I realized how snappy it all looks. It provides a professional look while also allowing the wearer to slide into the background of any formal event.

I'm usually not for any kind of formality; up until recently polo shirts and khakis where the height of my fashion. But as I grow older and start giving more of a shit about myself I've started to come around to button-down shirts and even long sleeves.

Jeans however, remain my go-to for all attire choices. Versatile, comfortable, and go with anything.

Weaning off Antidepressants

No photo today, because I'm so awesome at this month's habit streak.

I'm weaning myself off the antidepressants I never thought I needed in the first place. I think I'll take up meditation again after this because while I'm still convinced it's the right course of action I have noticed some of my old negative traits creeping back in. Short temper, irritability, and my all-time favorite of over-thinking things and always envisioning worst-case scenarios.

These traits (especially the last one) have a tendency to guide me into self-sabotage, and when things in my life are going as well as they are the last thing I want to do is sabotage any of it.
I have noticed I'm more mindful of my negative traits and am able to somewhat quiet them when they pop up. Whether meditation or the antidepressants are to thank for that I'm not sure; this is mostly why I'm going off them in the first place.

It's not that I don't trust the doctor that prescribed the…

Two Weeks in Denver

It's been a busy couple of weeks, and I already feel like I've been in Colorado a month. I thought my first week was busy, with all the post-move errands, but it was nothing compared to the past couple days.

I finally got two jobs, and they're both exactly what I need right now. One's a steady paycheck with good perks (free movies!) and the other is fill in the blank gigs for cashy cash money.
I've been crushing my exercise goals (mostly), the weather has been great, the girl I'm seeing is amazing, and I got my full deposit back from my last apartment, including the pet deposit, which was an unexpected surprise!

All in all things have been going great for me in every aspect of my life since deciding to move to Colorado, and honestly I can say that without any hint of hyperbole.

Were I still religious, I might say God is looking out for me. Were I superstitious I might say the universe is telling me I'm on the right path. But that detracts from all the hard…

Job Hunting

I got pretty tipsy after only one drink at my date last night (granted it was a Long Island) so I'm working on rebuilding my alcohol tolerance and applying to jobs.

But not all the alcohol in the world could distract from the fact that job hunting sucks.

These are all the entries in my password manager under "job hunting". Notice especially the taleo ones, damn that system to hell, because each employer that uses taleo needs their own fucking login and password. There's also gotta be at least a dozen more systems that I gave up on applying for because I didn't feel like creating another damn login that I'll use exactly once. I also regret to admit that my first job was creating another one of these damn systems. No offense to my boss but I don't know how they expected to compete when there are approximately 15 job sites for every open job out there.
Oh, and this is a real joy to slog through too:
Fuck you, DISH. I know you think your sales associate posi…

Cleaning the Apartment

Sunday is chores day, apparently. My laundry basket was full and there was dog hair all over the apartment (actually ended up being a lot less than I expected), so time to clean!

Plus I have a date tonight, and I always clean the day of a date. When, in a rare moment of suavity, I invited my first girlfriend over to my apartment, I press ganged my roommates into doing a last-minute deep clean of our bachelor pad. Since then it's been tradition for me.

Sometimes getting a date is the only way my apartment gets thoroughly cleaned. As I upgrade my living situation I keep attempting to change that and clean my apartment regularly, but I usually fall back into bad habits pretty quickly.

Hopefully this apartment will be different. The laminate wood flooring is a lot easier to spot hair and dirt on, and sweeping is a little easier than lugging out the vacuum and dealing with the cord, so keeping the floors clean regularly shouldn't be much of a hassle. The kitchen looks nice on the …

The Oncoming Storm

Driving around town, it's great to no longer see an "In God We Trust" license plate every other car. What's more, the dog park I went to yesterday was free, no mucking about with yearly subscriptions and controlled access. There's a free recycling drop-off down the street from where I live, too.

Now there are drawbacks, but worthwhile ones. I had to get a license for my dog, but it was extremely cheap and helps him get reunited with me if he gets lost. And I had to get my car's emissions tested, but since the result is cleaner air, of course it's worth it.

I can't fathom why staunch conservatives are so against anything that helps their community. It's such a selfish way of thinking. The fact is no one does anything without help. I can guaran-goddamn-tee that every single person who has ever lived has had massive amounts of help in everything they do. From the roads they drive on existing and being maintained, to the food they eat being relativel…